The Third Front Become A Reality

JDU severs all relations with NDA.

Date : June 16, 2013 | Time : 05:31:00 PM

Sarat Yadav and Nitish Kumar

Patna: Nitish Kumar and Sharat Yadav in a news conference declared jointly that JDU has broken all relations with NDA. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar met the Governer D Y Patil and informed him that they have broken all relations with BJP.

He added that the 17 year long relation with the BJP is being terminated and BJP and JDU are going their own ways. Sharad Yadav said they have no confidence in the BJP leadership. Future plans will be decided later, he said.

The main reason for the breakup is the decision by the BJP to appoint Narendra Mody as the chief election propagandist. Consequently Sharad Yadav resigned from the post of NDA convener. He has requested the Governor to give him an opportunity to prove his majority in the Bihar Assembly. For this the assembly will be summoned on the 19th of this month.

Nitish Kumar has informed the Governor that he has the support of 118 MLAs and 5 independents. BJP ministers will submit their resignations to the deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Mody. And he in turn will hand them over to Nitish Kumar. In the meanwhile BJP Chairman Rajnath Singh has summoned a news conference.

JDU’s political statement says that the BJP has brought to the national leadership a person who is a threat to the public interests of the nation. This is frightening a section of the society. This situation is not acceptable to the JDU, says the statement.


Third United Front – discussions started.

Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 08:31:00 AM


Kolkotta: Though the Modi – Advani tussle is almost over, another alternative is being thought of for the formation of a new political alliance. Janata dal – BJP alliance is almost at the brink of a break-up. At the same time JDU is on discussion with Trinamool Congress and Biju Janata dal for a new alliance at the national level. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had a telephonic talk with Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerji and Odisha chief minister Navin Patnaik. Mamta Banerji said in Kolkotta that they are trying to form a large united front without Congress and BJP.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is dead against Narendra Modi and hence it is he who is trying to form a new alliance. Tomorrow senior leaders of JDU are meeting at Patna to decide on quitting NDA in case Modi is made the chief propagandist.

The BJP Bihar unit is ready to leave the JDU alliance. The Bihar state minister Chandramohan Rai has said that they are ready to sit in the opposition. The party President Mangal Pandey said that the people of Bihar will never forgive them if the alliance is broken.

At the same time BJP has said that they are still interested to continue the alliance with JDU. The party spokesman Shanavas Hussian said the party will do everything possible to achieve this. He also said that the Bihar public voted them to power to continue the BJP – Janatha Dal alliance.

The discontented leader L.K.Advani is trying to negotiate with JDU to retain them in the alliance. He has requested the JDU not to leave the NDA. Advani has already had discussions with Nitish Kumar and the party Chairman Sharad Yadav.