The teaser of Ring master is out

The trailer of the film ‘ringmaster is out. The film is the inaugural venture of Rafi as an independent director after separating from Rafi – Mecartin duo. The hero of the film is Dilip
Honey rose and Keerthi Suresh will be playing the female leads in the film Dilip is playing the role of a Ring master a dog trainer in an organization called Pet Care where the rich peoples dog are taken care . Huge amount of money are spent for the dogs here. It has been reported that the actor had undergone special training for the same and was trained by animal experts from across the country, to give the best in his role. Amidst the life in the pet care two dogs become his best companions Diana and Toby. Diana has acted in a film and the stardom and popularity of the dog also got increased. Diana has become famous in net working site YouTube. With this diana’s ring master also becomes busy and in great demand.

In this situation superstar Diana and Diana the dog got to act together in a film. The incidents occurred following that is presented in the film humorously .Kalabhavan Shajon, Sooraj Venjaramoodu, Mohan Jose, Aju Wargheese, Lakshmi are the other important stars in the film