The screening of the film Chandrettan Evideya has been stopped

Recently released film chandrettan Evideya, starring Dilip in the lead role is still running successfully at theaters. But the film is The producers has informed the court that they had stopped the screening of the film in theaters. The producers of the film has taken this decision as a petition has been filed on the Munsif court to stop the screening of the film.

A Triruvanthapuram based house-maker has filed the complaint on the court to stop the screening of the film Chandrattan Evideya. The woman has the same phone number as Namitha Pramod is shown to have in the film.

she has given the complaint that her phone number has been used in the film.The imaginary phone of the film has really turned out to be the real phone number of hers and this has badly affected her personal life. She even requested the court to ban the screening of the film, till the phone number is removed. The phone number used by the heroine Namitha Pramod in the film has brought all trouble.