The Kissing scene in Sigappu Manithan Create Problem for the Film.

The Kissing Scene of the Film ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’ Starring Vishaal is already appeared in the news earlier. In fact it has even created buzz among the audience for this scene.. Now The Lip -Lock Scene of Lakshmi and Vishal under water has brought problem for the film. But the Censor Board Officials has Insisted the makers of the film to remove the lip – lock scene of vishal and Lakshmi if the film has to receive an U Certificate. If the scenes are not removed then the Board can only Issue A Certificate. The Board has also asked the makers to remove some other scenes from the film. If the highlighted scenes is retained then the film will be issued only UA Certificate. But the makers are saying that these scenes are very important for the film. Whatever it is if the problems are not solved then the film has to release with A Certificate.