The Film Federations tussle on Mr. Fraud Release

Kochi : The Film Employees Federation of Kerala( FEFKA) has Told That if the film Mr Fraud Directed by B Unnikrishnan is Not getting Screened on May 8th then the release of the new movies in Malayalam will be stalled in the state. FEFKA has taken this decision based on the move by the Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation not to screen Mr Fraud starring Mohanlal directed by B Unnikrishnan. In reply to this Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation President Liberty Basheer told that FEFKA had no powder to decide on the release of the new movies and it is up to the producers to decide whether films should be released or not.

The tussle between the federations has put the Malayalam film industry in trouble. The FEFKA has decided not to succumb to the threat of Liberty Basheer. It looks like the tussle between the federations will make the Malayalam film industry to shut down work for some time. The meeting attended by the concern directors of the film which got completed and which are under production has decided not to give the films for the release.

Mr Basheer has responded that so far producers have not taken a call on this issue and it is up to the producers to take a decision.
FEFKA has clarified that a meeting with the producers and the distributors will be conducting in Kochi tomorrow in order to take a decision.

The ban was imposed on the film by the exhibitors stating that B Unnikrishan did not attend the function held in connection of a new office of Film Exhibitors. And according to the exhibitors the director had influenced the other directors and AMMA president not to participate in the function.