The Controversial Film “Kalimannu” Gets App!

The Malayalam film also made an entry to the younger generations new toy Mobile applications. The controversial film Kalimannu directed by Blessy is the one which is getting this privilege. The films mobile application will be available on Android, Blackberry and Apple platforms. The subscribers can easily download the App on their Mobiles and Tabs at free of cost. In the light Version of App the hit songs like “ Lalee la lee” and “Shalabhamayi” which comprises of three songs will be available and in the full versions all the complete songs of the films are included. The cost for the full version in India would be Rs 50 and 99 cents outside India. The other specialty of this App is that an internet connection is not mandatory after the first down load. The App will provide you a short introduction to the film, the songs, the crews, photos , the film shootings and the audio release of the film through YouTube links . The films official Facebook page link will provide you the ring tone for the mobiles.