The agitation strike will prove the people’s strength – Pinaryi

Thiruvanthapuram – The agitation which will start on August 12, demanding Chief Minister Oomen chandy’s resignation will prove the strength of the People. CPI (M) General Secretary Pinaryi Vijayan told while inaugurating a function here. He was reacting to the Oommen Chady’s remark that the strike will be strongly dealt with the LDF led agitation. He also added that by telling this Mr. Chandy is trying to scare us and nothing will happen beyond throwing grenade on the MP’s who is doing the peace protest.

We know that Oommen chandy will adopt any ways of resistance. The agitation what we follow is the peaceful one. We are going to show the Strength of the People. We will bring the protestors from various districts to come in front of the secretariat. Any government with the police force and all the facilities has to bend down before this type protest. History also shows that Chief minister Oommen Chandy will adopt any cheap ways to continue in the government he added.