That Movie Cheated On Me : Parvathy Omanakkuttan

Former Miss India Parvathy Omanakkuttan has accused director of her first film K Q of cheating her. The director approached her saying that the hero will be a Tamil Super Star. He had also said that the movie will be produced both in Tamil and Malayalam. That is why she gave the dates. But, the hero was Biju Ezhupunna who was also the director. “ But, I did not cross check, that is my mistake” she said. He had also said that the super star will be there in Mumbai shooting. After two weeks he informed that the super star is not available and he is trying some one else. For the music launch, some one else had come. After the shooting started, the whole story changed. Then it was understood that Biju is the hero. Although she know that the movie will affect her career badly, she agreed to act because she did not want the movie to break. She said that she acted for all those who work in background thinking that all have to depend on the income from the cinema. Biju was cheating her as a professional. She said that she longed for not releasing the picture. The movie was rejected by the viewers and was a flop. She had received many offers after being chosen as Miss India, but she refused all. Her picture united six and Billa 2 were box office flop.