Thank you

Thank u ‘Thank you’ is a thriller movie directed by V.K.Prakash and produced under Marikkar Films Banner. A youngster who comes to Trivandrum with a definite intention travels to different places in an auto. ‘Who is he? Or what is his aim?’ the answers to these questions could be found in this movie. It’s without even a name that the central character is presented in this movie. As the movie moves ahead we come to know a lot about him. Summer and its heat are used in this movie as the important contexts. Jayasurya presents this unknown youngster. Everyone having different tastes could enjoy this character. Honey Rose, Tini Tom, Sethu, Iyswarya Devan, Mridul S Gopan and Saiju Kurup have done justice to their roles. Aravind Krishna’s photography, Babu Ratnam’s editing and Arun Lal’s script were all equally good. Most of the viewers have only good things to say about this movie.