Thalaiva Release :No Permission To Vijay For Hunger Strike

Police denied permission to Vijay and his fans who planned for hunger strike in protest against the ban on release of his new movie “Thalaiva” in Tamil Nadu.Vijay made every attempt to release the movie but theater owners did not agreed for that. It was in this circumstances he planned for the hunger strike.
For the protest to stage on Saturday the permission was asked only on Friday but it needs to be applied at least five days in advance said City Police.The theater owners in Tamil Nadu are refraining from exhibiting the film on the threat that it will be bombed if agreed for show.The Government also says they are helpless because the complaint against the movie which was subject to so many allegations,had reached to the Court. Every where outside Tamil Nadu the movie is running successfully.But this Vijay Movie will have serious loss, on inability to release in Tamil Nadu.