Ten films in an anthology based on the lives of women

The upcoming new film which celebrate the womanhood has ten films in an anthology. The film is titled as Cross Road . The film deals with the lives of women who has different life situations and complexity in the modern world and how they deals with it. It would also be highlighting the various issues faced by women in various age groups in their daily life and portray vibrant and various layers of their life and thoughts.

The film is presented by the Forum of Better Films. The films has ten short films in an anthology which tells the story of ten women with ten different life situations. The film would bring a bunch of leading actresses and directors together on a single platform .

The ten short films had been directed by prominent film makers and actresses from the Malayalam film industry. Besides this experienced and talented technicians would also be working on this and this would definitely would be a huge appreciation for the film.

The important shorts films are titled as Pakshikalude Manam, Mounam, kodeshyan, Kaval, Oru Rathriyude Kooli, Cherivu, Mudra, Badar, Lake House and Pinpe Nadappaval .