Telungana: Strong Protest in Andhra

Telungana Band
  Telungana: Strong Protest in Andhra

Hyderabad: The decision to form a new a state by dividing the existing state of Andhra Pradesh, brings in wide protest in the state and 4 Ministers of Congress and 6 MLAs resigned. Many from different parties shave expressed their decision to resign. IN coastal Amdhra and Rayalaseema, life stood still in the strike. In Vijayawada, Vizag,Kadappa, Antpur, Gundur, Ongol, and Kakkinada  Eductational Institutions and shop and establishments were remained closed. .

There were incidents of attacks reported. Two committed suicide in protest against the decision. The protesters who stands for unified Andhra blocked the roads in many places. Para military troupes are deployed in Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra. At the same time in “Telungana” celebrations are in full swing. Many organizations greeted Congress and  U.P.A. T R S President K.Chandrashekhara Rao said they will join the congress as soon as the order comes for the  new state formation.