TATA group to produce Dileep’s movie!!

TATA group has come forward to produce the telungu movie in which Dileep will be starring. The movie is based on the life of Sai Baba and the movie will be directed by the Telungu director and scriptwriter Kodi Ramakrishnan. This movie was to be began last year itself and as per the reports, the remuneration for Dileep was 7 crore. This is the first time a malayalam star is getting so highly paid. Even the superstars Mohanlal and Mammooty has not been paid so much for acting in other languages. The life span of Sai Baba from age 20 to 85 will be brought to the scene. ‘Sai Baba’ that will be made originally in Telungu will be dubbed to other languages too. The shooting of the movie will take about 3 months. The shoot will take place in various parts of India. Jayapradha comes in the role of Sai Baba’s mother. The last movie of Kodi Ramakrishna was the movie ‘Arundhathi’ starring Anushka in 2009.