T.P Chandrasekharan murder case and Kerala politics

T.P. Murder: Police trainee suspended after turning hostile.

Date : June 22, 2013 | Time : 07:38:00 PM 

Kozhikkode: The police trainee who turned hostile in the T.P. Chandrasekharan murder case has been suspended from service.

Initially he had given statement to the effect that he had seen the absconding CPM  leader Kunjanandan at the CPM Area Committee Office at Matayi. For this Kunjanandan got help from the office secretary Asokan and SFI Kannur District President Sarin Sasi. During the court trial he changed both these statements.


T.P. Murder: Witnesses identified four accused, states the Magistrate.

Date : June 19, 2013 | Time : 01:56:00 PM 

TP-Murder-NewskeralaKozhikode: In the identification parade conducted in the District Jail, witnesses recognized four main accused, stated the Magistrate. The Kozhikode Judicial First Class Magistrate P.T.Prakasan stated that the witnesses identified the first accused M C Anoop, third accused Koti Suni, forth accused T K Rajish and seventh accused K Shinoj .

The identification parade took place in the hall adjacent to the District Jail Superintendent’s office. The parade for T K Rajeev took place on 11th  June 2012, M C Anoop’s on June 14th, Klti Suni’s on June 16 and Shinoj’s on July 12th. The Magistrate stated further, that 13 people of body structure similar to the accused were stood along with.


One more witness turned hostile in T.P.Chandrasekharan murder case. With this the number of such people reached 50.

Date : May 11, 2013 | Time : 03:02:00 PM

T.P. Chandrasekharan

Kozhikode: One more witness in the T.P.Chandrasekharan murder case turned hostile. His name is Ansheed Narayanan . Ansheed had given a secret statement before a Majistrate that he had seen the weapons being handed over to the killers. So far about fifty people have turned hostile this way. The case is being heard in the special court at Eranjipalam in Kozhikode.