Suresh Gopi got appreciated by Queen Elizabeth

Actor Suresh Gopi was appreciated by Queen Elizabeth during Indo-UK year of culture celebrations Which was held on February 27 in U.K. The actor was in England recently along with Cabinet Minister Arun Jaitley and actor Kamal Hassan to attend the Indo – UK year of culture celebrations.

It was reported that during this celebrations, queen went on to praise the actors saffron suit. Suresh Gopi also did get a chance for a short interaction with the queen and spend some quality time with her. During the conversation between the Queen and Suresh Gopi, the Queen went on to Praise the actors suit. The queen also went to ask the constituency that Suresh Gopi Represented as an Member of Parliament. When the actor said he was not a nominated member and the government has given him special consideration the queen asked him if he was a member of the Senate.

Suresh Gopi and Kamal Hassan were part of an Indian delegation led by Union finance Minister Arun Jaitely in which Indian diplomats and the place officials arranged for a brief meeting between the queen and the actors. The delegation represented India in the cultural festival that kicked off a year long celebration to highlight the cultural ties between the United Kingdom and India