Suraj’s Toddy shop Song for the Alcohol consumers

Suraj’s Toddy shop Song for the Alcohol consumers.
Consumption of Alcohol is Injurious to health. It not only effects the liver, but also effects the family and will make it vanish completely. Whatever the matter is, many good songs originated from the singers who sang in the toddy shop. But these singers who sings under the influence of the toddy are not known to the world. Suraj has released the toddy shop song with a note that the song is dedicated to such singers.

The song sung by Sooraj is a folk song which has the traditional touch and at the same time enjoyable. This video of the introductory song of Pedithondan is out. The lyrics of the song are written by U. Prasanna Kumar and the tunes are composed by Ajith Kumar. Prasanna kumar has also written the script of the film.