Suraj in serious role!!

The comedy artists realized the reality that always doing similar comic roles will not fetch them dignity. The comedy artists are now in the run to act comically as well as seriously. On such artist is Suraj Venjaramoodu. His makeover can be seen in Dr.Biju’s new movie, ‘Perariyathavan’. Suraj is a cleaner whose face or name goes unnoticed and unremembered. The movie tells the pathos of the society. Suraj has got an appreciable role in this movie like that of the role Salim Kumar got in ‘Adaminte makan Abu’.
Suraj was willing to strain for this character thus. Dr.Biju has directed ‘Veetilotulla vazhi’, ‘Sera’, ‘Akashathinte niram” and in his movies ‘Duplicate’ and ‘Garbashreeman’ Suraj was the hero. This is the third movie pf Suraj in Dr.Biju’s direction.