Sunny Leone Says That ‘Ragini MMS 2’ Is More Commercial Than The First film

The Bollywood actress Sunny Leone who is the star of attraction of Upcoming film Ragini MMS 2’ says that the film is more commercial in nature than the earlier one Ragini MMS.

‘There is a huge difference between these two films’, said Sunny during the launch of the song Baby doll’.
Director Bhushan Patel agreed to this point and said that “Ragini MMS 2” is bolder and scarier.
In Patels words “It’s bigger, better and bolder. It’s a lot more scarier. There is a lot more sex and scares. There is a lot of glamour with the songs. We have a song by Honey Singh, ‘Baby doll’ song with Meet Brothers and we have a romantic one also.’ Also, the songs make it different.

Actress sunny leone says ‘The first part looks real, and it is like someone grabbed a handycam and it’s a real couple and the boyfriend has a different reason for bringing his girlfriend there.”

“This one is a lot more commercial, there is a lot more back story. There is a lot more going on in this one that explains everything about ‘Ragini MMS’,” added the 33-year-old.

“Ragini MMS 2”, which hits theaters March 21, also stars Divya Dutta, Parvin Dabas and Sandhya Mridul.