State Film Awards: Juries Need Not Give Marks Or Grades

Kochi:State film awards are given away without marks or grades. As per Film Academy,the Jury only had to give a note explaining the reason for selecting each entry.The note is being prepared as that of seven Jury members who can have different opinions.So by itself the method determining the award becomes non transparent.
It is the procedure of award decision and distribution which costs almost half a crore of rupees,that is being completed in a way without any clarity.This came to the table on the right to information records about 2012 film awards.In Kerala Sahithya Academy Awards,the jury will grade each nomination as 1.2.3—.In every section the award for best book is finalized based on the grade given by each Jury member.But in Film Awards there is no reliable method defined. The note finalizing the award prepared by the Jury is a compilation of mistakes in sentence construction and spelling.