Sruthi Hasan’s Debut Performance in Malayalam

Sruthi Hasan is also in her father’s path who had attained fame in the whole movie industry. Sruthi Hasan, who has proved her talents in Tamil, Telungu and Bollywood is now coming to malayalam too. She makes her debut performance with Fahad Fasil. The movie Prakash Bare, who always made art movies,makes is a thriller this time. The movie is directed by Nivin Vasudev.

The shooting will be at Cochin, Las Vegas and Nepal. Sruthi came to the movie industry through the Maniratnam movie ‘Anjali’ and in 2009 she became a heroine in the movie ‘Luck’. The only connection of Sruthi with malayalam is having sung with Yesudas, the personal pride of malayalis, in 2002 in a movie ‘En Manavaan’.