Sreesanth trapped in match fixing

BCCI took statement from Sreesanth.

Date : June 24, 2013 | Time : 07:40:00 PM

Sreesanth-NewskeralaNew Delhi: The Anti Corruption Unit of the BCCI took statement from Sreesanth regarding the IPL spot fixing case. He was called to Delhi for this purpose. It took about 3 hours to complete this. He didn’t disclose the details of the encounter to the media persons. He is reportedly told to wait till the end of the enquiry and continue the practice till then. It is heard that most of the questions put to Sreesanth were regarding his relations with Giju Janardanan.


‘I haven’t trapped Sreesanth’  says Juju Janardanan.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 PM 

Jiju Janardhanan

Kannur: It’s not me who has trapped Sreesanth in the IPL betting case, said Juju Janardanan. It’s some Advocates who spread such false news. He was talking to the media persons from his home at Koothuparambu.

I have no relation with the betters. For the last 12 years my life has been dedicated to cricket. I will come out clean proving my innocence. I have enough confidence in the legal justice system of our country, he added.


Pilgrimage to Sabarimala: To make amends for the small mistakes – Sreesanth.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 PM 

Sreesanth-in-Sabarimala-News KeralaSabarimala: “I have committed small mistakes in my life, before. But I have no connection with the present IPL spot fixing case. Sabarimala pilgrimage is done as atonement to the small mistakes I have committed’ said Sreesanth. He was talking to the media after rolling round the temple precincts as an offer to God. He said he wanted to come back as a new Sreesanth with a clean heart.

Yesterday night around 9.30 pm he reached Pumpa. But he couldn’t pray there as the temple doors were closed by then. Today morning he prayed before the Lord Ayyappa. After that he prayed at the Ganapathi Kovil also.

When asked about the tough sections raised against him, he said the Lord Ayyappa will save him from everything.


Sreesanth’s fiancée with solid support during the crisis days.
Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 10:50:00 PM

Sreesanth ready for marriage

Cochin:Even during the crisis ridden days  Sreesanth got whole hearted support from his fiancée. She is from the royal family of Jaipur. He is planning to marry her in September. He was in love with her for many years. But Sreesanth’s  parents have not yet confirmed it officially.

It seems, they are planning to arrange the marriage in Guruvayoor. Even when he was in jail she gave him all moral support. Her father had even made a trip to Delhi in an attempt to see Sreesanth. Even when he was in police custody she had a telephonic talk with him. Daily she was in touch with his advocate to know the daily developments.

For over six years this girl was in love with him. It was during the one day match with Pakistan in 2007 at Jaipur that they met each other for the first time.

Delhi police to appeal against Sreesanth’s bail.

Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 04:37:00 PM
New Delhi: The Delhi police is planning to go on appeal against the bail granted to Sreesanth and Ankith Chavan by the Saketh court. The Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said, they are waiting for the copy of the bail order to come. Once that is got and studied, they will take a final decision on the matter. At the same time Sreesanth’s advocates are planning to approach the High Court to get the case totally quashed.

The Saketh court while granting bail to Sreesanth and others had clearly stated that there was absolutely no evidence available, to invoke ‘Mcoca’ on the accused. The court, in fact, had severely criticized the police for trying to invoke ‘Mcoca’. It’s under these circumstances that the police are thinking of approaching the High Court for cancelling the bail order. The police are still of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in invoking ‘Mcoca’ against Sreesanth and Ankith Chavan. They still feel that according to sub section 1a of section 1 of ‘Mcoca’ Sreesanth could be tried as a culprit. A decision will be taken in this regard by the end of the week.

Sreesanth reaches Cochin. ‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth.
Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 11:00:00 AM

‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth
‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth

Kochi: Sreesanth, the IPL accused reached Kochi today on bail. He reached Kochi around 9.30 AM by an Air India flight from Delhi. From there he proceeded to his sister’s home at Thrippunithara.

‘I’m determined to come back to the Indian team after proving my innocence through the legal path. I’m waiting eagerly for that moment. Also, ‘I’m planning to start my cricket practice right from today. It’s a great thing that I could come back home. Let this not happen even to my worst enemies.’ he added.

On Tuesday he came out of the jail. He got his bail granted on Monday evening by 7.30 pm. But because of the stringent legal formalities involved, he had to spend another 24 hrs: in jail.

He was arrested on May 16th. 12 days he spent in police custody. After that he got transferred to judicial custody in Tihar Jail. The court criticized severely the invoking of ‘Mcoca’ by the police and granted bail to all who applied for it.

The court observed that prima facie there is no evidence to invoke ‘Mcoca’ against the accused. The other alleged crimes like conspiracy, breach or trust and cheating are also not sustainable, the court added. Sreesanths advocate Pinacky Misra opposed tooth and nail; the imposition of ‘Mcoca’ on the accused.

‘I’m confident of proving my innocence since I have done nothing wrong. And I have enough confidence in the court and the legal proces of the nation. Anyway I’m very much happy that I’m free now. And I’m so grateful to every one of my well-wishers’, he said to the media reporters present at the Delhi airport.

Sreesanth to come out of the jail today. To return home on Wednesday

Date : June 11, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Sreesanth to come out of the jail toda
Sreesanth to come out of the jail toda

New Delhi: Sreesanth will be freed today. He got bail yesterday from the IPL betting case. The formalities to be completed take a lot of time. That is the reason for the postponement of the journey back home to tomorrow.

The Saketh Sessions court had granted bail to all the eighteen accused including Sreesanth yesterday, on the ground that there was no evidence produced, to invoke ‘Mcoca’ on them. It was after long arguments in the court lasting over seven and a half hours that the court granted them bail with certain conditions. Two sureties and a personal bond of Rs: 50,000 were the conditions. In addition, they are barred from going out of the country. They have to surrender their Passport in the court. The Additional Sessions Judge Vinay Kumar Khanna said that the police failed to produce clear evidence to show that the accused had indulged in conspiracy, breach of trust and cheating.

During the arguments, the police failed to give clear answers to the judge’s several questions. Ankith Chavan and Jiju Janardanan also got bail yesterday. Ajith Chandila had not filed a bail application.


Sreesanth gets bail. ‘Mcoca’ can’t be invoked

Date : June 10, 2013 | Time : 10:48:00 PM

Sree Santh

New Delhi: Eighteen accused including Sreesanth were granted bail in the IPL match fixing case by the Saketh court of New Delhi. They have to execute a surety of two people and a bond of RS: 50,000. The imposition of ‘mcoca’ on Sreesanth is illegal, observed the court. The court criticized the police severely for imposing ‘mcoca’ on Sreesanth without enough evidence.

The police argued that the economic crime described in ‘mcoca’ has taken place. But the police failed prove that such a crime has occurred. The Prosecutor could not give a clear reply to questions asked by the court. It was under these circumstances that the court granted bail to Sreesanth and all the other accused. The bail is conditional. The accused can not leave the country. They have to surrender their Passports to the court.