Sreenivasan’s Fish Harvest Without falling in Water

Actor Sreenivasan has proved that he will not fall down even if the bridge is shaken or Broken. Two persons who was with him fell into the water , but sreenivasan got escaped catching hold of a small trunk like a trainer. The location is Kadamakudy Harvest fest of the Cage Fish Farming In Pokkali field and the role is the Inaugurator of this Pokkali harvest festival. It is termed as pokkali farming system
Inorder to go to the fish farming place they have prepared a temporary bridge and this has collapsed. When sreenivasan heard the sound of bridge collapsing he catch hold of a stick . with the help of the nearby persons he escaped without falling in water. Two persons near to him including a women fell into the water. The nearby persons rescued both of them from the water. Sreenivasan inaugurated the farming by accepting the fish from the farmer Murlai. He also gave thousand rupees to the farmer