Sreenivasan Mukesh Pair Again

The team behind many successful movies, Sreenivasan and Mukesh once gain team up. ‘Muththaaramkunnu PO’, ‘Odaruthammaavaa Aalariyaam’, ‘Katha Parayumpol’ etc.. are some of the films amoung those successful stories. After ‘Katha Parayumpol’, they once gain pair up for a new project. The movie is directed by Sandhya Mohan. This is the one film being directed by Sandya Mohan after the Dilip picture ‘Mr. Marumakan’. The story is written by Jayesh, husband of actress Lakshmi Priya.

A film production company also has been formed in the ownership of Mukesh- Sreenivasan team. The company is named Lumiar Films.
‘Kathaparayumpol’ and ‘Thattaththin Marayathu’ are some of the films produced by this company.