Sreedharan Nair’s Statement Against The Chief Minister

Sreedharan Nair

Pathanamthitta: The secret statement under section 164, given by Sreedharan Nair before the Magistrate, came out. He is a complainant in the solar scam. He says that he had met the chief minister in his office on July 09, 2012. The solar scam accused Saritha Nair and Tenny Joppan also were with him on that occasion. Sreedharan Nair gave this secret statement before the Ranni Magistrate. Some private channels let out this secret statement given in the court. It’s with the confidence gained from the visit to the chief minister that he gave Saritha the third installment of 15 lakhs. When he visited the chief minister there were the MLA Selvaraj and another stranger in his chamber. In the capacity of the leader of the quarry owners association he had handed over a memorandum also to the chief minister, he said in the statement