Solar Scam – V.S to approach High Court

Solar Scam – V.S to approach High Court

Opposition leader, VS Achuthandan  to approach the high court to highlight the lapses occurred in the solar scam investigations. CPM state Secretary has also given approval to this. He will be lodging a complaint against some political top leaders and the CJM court.

No investigations had been carried out so far based on Sreedharan Nairs statement.   Jiku mon and Salim Raj who is accused of involving in solar scam has not yet been arrested.  Considering all the details gathered so far, CM, his personal staff members, top police officers all are included in the case, but no actions has been taken so far.  Instead of bringing the culprits into light the investigation team is trying to protect the accused including CM.   The opposition leader will be pointing out all these lapses in the court and will  request the high court  for legal intervention in the solar scam.