Solar Panel Scam


Biju admits he tried to influence many big shots.

Date : June 21, 2013 | Time : 07:33:00 PM 

Biju-Radhakrishnan-News Kerala
Biju Radhakrishnan

Kollam: Biju told the police that he established good relations with the chief minister’s office only to win the confidence of the customers. He used Saritha for this. All the financial matters were taken care of, by him. The Chief Minister has never given him any recommendation letter. He met the chief minister only for discussing his family matters. He doesn’t have any documents related to the money transaction between Saritha and Joppan. And he has never talked about this to his advocate.


The LDF Govt: ignored the complaints against Biju, alleges Thiruvanchoor.

Date : June 18, 2013 | Time : 01:42:00 PM

Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan

Trivandrum: The complaints against the Solar scam accused Biju Radhakrishnan were ignored by the former LDF Govt:, alleges the Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. The then Home Minister Kodiyeri Balskrishnan didn’t do anything about it. Now they are trying to block the detailed investigation taking place. Some people in the LDF don’t know about this hidden agenda, added Thiruvanchoor.

The opposition is in fact trying to weaken the case against Biju Radhakrishnan. They dragged the first murder case against Biju. Yesterday when arrested, Biju was telling that he will be killed if he was handed over to the Kerala police. Before, he was not at  all afraid because of the protection he received from the LDF Govt:. Now he knows that this protection is no longer available. It was only after the UDF Govt: took over that a case was registered against him.

DYFI activists were inviting trouble from the police. The grenades used by the police were bought during the LDF rule. Those days also these grenades had been used.


The Security staff of V.S. has involvement in solar scam – P.C.George.

Date : June 20, 2013 | Time : 08:27:00 PM 

PC-George-Malayalam-NewskeralaTrivandrum: P.C.George’s new revelation says V.S.’s security staff Siju has involvement in the solar scam. Siju is from the police dept: and he is associated with this scam for a long time. But George is not sure if V.S. knows about this.

Saritha was running a Credit Investment venture at Vazhuthakkatu and Siju was giving all the support needed. An ADGP also is involved in the scam. He won’t disclose the ADGP’s name now. But he will pass it on to the investigating team, said P.C.George.

From 2006 onwards this fraud is being carried out by Saritha and Biju. Saritha has come to the office of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan when he was the Home Minister. But I won’t say Kodiyeri has met Saritha, said George.

P.C.George denied having said that this scam is worth 10,000 crores and the chief minister’s office is involved.


Biju to be produced in the court today.

Date : June 18, 2013 | Time : 11:03:00 AM

Biju-Radhakrishnan-News Kerala
Biju Radhakrishnan

Kollam: Biju Radhakrishnan the first accused in the solar scam got arrested in Coimbatore. He will be produced in the Kottarakara court on Tuesday. Biju was arrested and brought to Kollam by the Crime Branch Dy:SP C.G.Sureshkumar and his assistants. The arrest was in connection with the murder of his former wife Reshmi. This case was registered in Kottarakara. Reshmi got murdered in February 2006. The crime branch found this to be a murder.

Biju was hiding in Coimbatore with a clean shaven face to escape police detection. He was brought to Kollam on Monday. Now he is being interrogated by the investigation team. He went absconding after his wife Saritha got arrested.


Solar scam: Biju Radhakrishnan caught.

Date : June 17, 2013 | Time : 02:30:00 PM 

Biju Radhakrishnan

Coimbatore: The solar scam first accused Biju Radhakrishnan has been caught by the police from Coimbatore. It was with the help of Tamil Nadu police that the Kerala police caught him around 12.30 pm. He will be produced before the Kollam Court in connection with the murder of his previous  wife.

By using the mobile tower locations the police traced him to Coimbatore. After that, the crime branch sought the help of the Tamil Nadu Q-branch police.

The Special Investigation Team investigating the solar scam was expanded yesterday. The newcomers were SP Unniraja and the Kollam Commissioner Debesh Kumar. It was they who arrested Biju Radhakrishnan dramatically when he was trying to sell his lap-top.

Other formalities needed to bring him to Kerala are going on. Biju went absconding after his wife Saritha was arrested on 2nd June. Now his arrest is made in connection with the murder of his previous wife.


Shalu Menon: I’m not an absconder

Date : June 17, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 AM

Salu Menon
Salu Menon

Changanasseri: Speaking to the media persons from her home at Perunna in Changanasseri Shalu Menon categorically said she has never gone hiding underground. I have absolutely no involvement in the solar scam. The news that I have gone absconding is totally baseless. If I was on the run how could we meet now, she asked the channel men.

No raid has ever taken place in my house. I haven’t faced any action from any side. Every Saturday and Sunday I visit my dance schools. My school has ten branches. I visit all these places every Saturday and Sunday. I take classes too. That is the reason why I’m not there at home always. Some channels had spread some wrong news about me. I’m considering to take legal action against them, said Shalu.


Met Biju. No letter given to Saritha. Says the Chief Minister.  

Date : June 17, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 AM 

Ummanchandi-NewskeralaTrivandrum: Ummen Chandi finally admitted in the Assembly that he had met Biju Radhakrishnan at the Guest House in Eranakulam. Our discussion was about some family matters. M I Shanavas M.P had sent him to me. At the time of the meeting he was not an absconder, said the chief minister.

At the same time I have not met Saritha Nair. Such a news is totally baseless. The lady I met at Vijnan Bhavan, Delhi was Kerala govt:’s representative at the Supreme Court. I haven’t given any recommendation letter to ‘Team Solar’ in the official letter pad. That company is not included in ‘Emerging Kerala’, said the chief minister. He was explaining all these to the opposition during the zero hour.

Kodiyeri asked him if he was not aware that Biju Radhakrishnan was an accused in a murder case. Ummen Chandi replied, he was an accused during the 5 years of LDF rule too. The responsibility to catch him was the duty of the then Home Minister Kodiyeri.

The transparency of my office was misused by certain people. Now the investigation is being done without their presence. No favours were done to the tainted company. No one accused of cheating the public will be spared. I don’t want to stick on to the chief minister’s chair sacrificing the interests of the state. But based on such false allegations I won’t resign, said the chief minister.

The opposition had started an uproar right from the time the assembly began. They came out to the open floor in the front, with slogans demanding the Chief Minister’s resignation. Some were carrying placards and banners asking for the chief minister’s resignation. When the commotion went out of control the Speaker cancelled the question-answer session. The opposition started a sit out, inside the hall.

Today an emergency meeting of the UDF is called to discuss an action plan to overcome the present turmoil. LDF also has called a meeting to carefully plan the agitation for the coming days.


Solar scam: Investigation team expanded.  

Date : June 17, 2013 | Time : 10:56:00 AM 

TeamSolar Office

Trivandrum: The Special Investigation Team investigating the Solar scam has been expanded. It is to speed up the investigation that it is expanded. The new entrants to the team are the crime branch SP Unniraja and the Kollam Commissioner Debesh Kumar Bahara. Others in the team are Dy:SPs Sudarsan, Jaison Abraham, Prasannan Nair, Harikrishnan, Ajith and Reji Jacob.

As  part of the investigation, raids were conducted at the offices and homes of Biju Radhakrishnan and Saritha. On the basis of the information collected from the raids, four people have been taken into custody. They were assisting Biju and Saritha in the business. Their arrest is not yet registered.


Solar Scam – Chief Minister must resign – Says V.S.

Date : June 16, 2013 | Time : 01:33:00 PM

VS Achuthanandan

Trivandrum: The opposition leader V S Achuthanandan said the Chief Minister Ummen Chandi must resign immediately due to the alleged involvement of the chief minister’s office in the Solar scam. The UDF Govr: have turned into a fraudulent company. Ummen Chandi must resign and face an enquiry, said V.S in a News Conference.

Ummen Chandy’s personal staff members Joppan and Jikku are highly corrupt. They gave a recommendation letter for cheating in the Chief Minister’s letter pad. Chief Minister is a co-accused in the scam. He is cheating the entire people of Kerala. There should be a Judicial enquiry into the entire affair, demanded V.S.

Saritha S Nair has called several times to the official phone of the Chief Mininster. From the same phone, calls have gone back to Saritha. The Chief Minister has to clarify the relationship he has with Saritha. Also, he has to clarify, if his mobile phone bill is paid by the Govt:. Saritha has met him even in Vijnan Bhavan in Delhi which is under strict security. Chief Minister has to explain this, added V.S.

Thomas Kuruvila of Delhi is not in the Chief Minister’s personal staff. Still he does so many things for the chief minister. He hails from a poor family in Kottayalm. Today he is a multi millionaire in Delhi. His source of income also has to be enquired into, demanded V.S.

The intelligence report about the criminal background of Gun man Salim Rajan was ignored by the chief minister. The chief minister must clarify why he is not using the mobile phone. Now he is putting all the allegations on the personal staff. The people of Kerala must think, if a chief minister like him has ever ruled the State, said V.S.

Saritha’s Kottayam office was inaugurated by the minister K.C.Joseph and the one at Thrippunithura by the former minister Ganesh Kumar. These relations stood in the way of taking action against Saritha. Appointing ADGP Hemachandran to enquire into a case, in which the Chief Minister and other ministers are the accused, is not proper. Under these circumstances the responsibility of enquiry must be given to someone else.


Biju Radhakrishnan made his escape with the company of Shalu Menon and her mother.

Date : June 16, 2013 | Time : 10:33:00 AM

Shalu-Menon - Newskerala
Shalu Menon

Trissur: Actress Shalu Menon and her mother were there with Biju Radhakrishnan before he escaped to Coimbatore. He is the first accused in the Solar scam in which he is alleged to have duped several people and grabbed crores of rupees.

The day Saritha was arrested, Biju had come to Trissur along with Shalu Menon and her mother. From there he left for Coimbatore. Biju was in a hotel on Kuruppam road, Trissur when the news of Saritha’s arrest reached him. He had given his name as Dr:Biju in the hotel. By the time the Crime Branch police reached the hotel he had escaped from there.

Shalu and her mom were on the way to Trissur for a dance program, when Biju contacted them. On his request they allowed Biju to accompany them in the car. On the way he used Shalu’s phone. Their friendly relations started when Biju came to their new home for the installation of a Solar Plant.

S.P. Unniraj and his gang came to the hotel in the early morning on June 4, after getting information from Trivandrum. From the data collected from the hotel they recognized that this Dr:Biju Radhakrishnan is the same accused they are looking for. The police had got information earlier that a cinema- serial actress also was seen moving with him.


Solar scam – Opposition to agitate.

Date : June 16, 2013 | Time : 09:20:00 AM

Saritha S. Nair
Saritha S. Nair

Trivandrum: The Govt: is put into a tough situation consequent on the new revelations and findings. This Saturday some new allegations against some top leaders in the UDF partners and congress have come to light.

In a TV interview Saritha’s husband Biju Radhakrishnan said the illicit relationship between Saritha and the former minister Ganesh Kumar led to the breakup of his family. He had shared this matter with M I Shanavas M.P and through him he met the chief minister Ummen Chandi. He has raised some allegations against the central minister K C Venrgopal too.

Taking advantage of this situation, the opposition is planning to launch a larger agitation. The LDF meet, slated for Monday will finalize the detailed plan for the agitation.

In the meanwhile, in a news conference Ganesh Kumar in the presence of his father R Balakrishna Pillai stated that he is innocent in this matter.  Some individuals, who don’t like Ganeshkumar becoming a minister again, are behind these allegations. Chief Whip P C George also is responsible for making things so bad, said Balakrishna Pillai.

The scam is affecting the entire UDF. The negotiations for bringing back Ganeshkumar to the ministry was going on in the UDF. The present allegation against Ganeshkumar is considered as part of a conspiracy. Yesterday the KPCC Vise President M M Hassan also came out strongly against P C George. All political parties are afraid whose name is going to pop up next, in the scam.

But P C George said that Ganeshkumar is the worst ever character in the Kerala Politics. Allegations have also popped up that two other ventures of Saritha was inaugurated by another two ministers of the UDF.

In fact, opposition was planning to start an agitation this week against drinking water privatization and allotment of new plus two seats. They got this solar scam at the right time. Exploiting this new situation they are now planning a large scale agitation against all these together.


Solar fraud. Special Investigation Team to catch Biju Radhakrishnan.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 03:29:00 PM

Biju-Radhakrishnan-News Kerala
Biju Radhakrishnan

Trivandrum: A special investigation team has been formed to catch Biju Radhakrishnan the first accused, of the Solar fraud case. The team consists of six Dy:SPs and it will be headed by the ADGP Hema Chandran.

On the promise of supplying and installing Wind Mills and Solar Power Plants,  Biju Radhakrishnan has duped many individuals and organizations in Kerala and Tamilnadu. He has collected crores of rupees on this pretext. The police suspect that he might have left the State. His wife Saritha the second accused was arrested on the 3rd of this month.


Ganesh Kumar behind all the troubles of Team Solar, says Biju Radakrishnan

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 01:35:00 PM


Trivandrum: The reason for the breakup with his wife Sariha S Nair is the former minister Ganesh Kumar,said Biju Radhakrishnan the tainted CEO of ‘Team Solar’. Biju Radhakrishnan,the husband of Saritha S Nair was speaking to a news channel on phone. “Because of this family problem the Solar Company also broke up. Whatever money is taken with receipts will be given back” said Biju Radhakrishnan.

“After the inauguration of our enterprise at Coimbatore Ganesh and Saritha stayed together in a hotel there. After that, I handed over the details of the phone conversations between Saritha and Ganesh, to P C George. Then I talked to M I Shanavas M.P. about this matter. He was known to me before and we were friends. Through him I contacted the C.M. Ummen Chandi at Ernakulam and explained to him the seriousness of the matter.  He listened to me patiently and promised to talk to Ganesh Kumar” said Biju Radhakrishnan.

“The chief minister has nothing to do with the present controversy. But his personal staff has helped me on many occasions without the knowledge of the C.M. Saritha had close relations with the ousted personal staff Salim Rajan and Joppan.

Saritha had many financial dealings unknown to me. All the money collected with company receipt will be given back. I had gone to Shalu Menon for securing an order for Solar Power Panel. No other relations I have with Shalu Menon. Because I’m afraid of my own life I’m not surrendering to the police.” said Biju Radhakrishnan.


Chief Minister hasn’t done any wrong, says Vayalar Ravi.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:55:00 AM

Vayalar Ravi

Kochi: Vayalar Ravi is of the opinion that the Chief Minister hasn’t done anything wrong. The accusation against his office is quite unfortunate. He is in the service of the public for over half a century. Nobody could point an accusing finger against him.

While appointing personal staff ministers have to be very careful. Otherwise this type of problems could recur.


Actress Shalu Menon – A victim of Solar fraud.

 Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:15:00 AM

Shalu-Menon-News Kerala
Shalu Menon

Changanasseri: Cine actress cum Dancer Shalu Menon lost Rs:20 lakhs in the Solar Plant fraud. She has filed a complaint with the Changanasseri CI V.A.Nishadmon saying that Biju Radhakrishnan has grabbed Rs:20 lakhs fraudulently from her. Biju Radhakrishnan is the first accused in the Solar scam. The police have registered a case against Buju Radhakrishnan for cheating.

According to Shalu it was in October 2012 that Biju came to her residence with the offer of installing a solar plant in her new house under construction. With highly polite and polished behavior he won their confidence and became a regular visitor to their home and her dance school. On the promise of installing a solar plant in their new house he took Rs:20 lakhs from Shalu as advance. To appear to be very honest and straight forward he gave her a  cheque for Rs:20 lakhs.

When she did not get the solar plant even after the completion of the new house she contacted Biju. He replied that the plant is still under production and soon it will be installed. In the meanwhile he continued his friendly visit to her home. In December Saritha also had visited Shalu for learning dance. But she didn’t speak of her relationship with Biju Radhakrishnan.

It was only when the news of Saritha’s arrest came in the news that Shalu and her mother knew about the relationship between the two. When she submitted Biju’s  cheque in the bank it bounced. With this they realized that Biju and his wife Saritha were frauds. After this Shalu and her mother filed a complaint with the Changanasseri CI.


Sanitha S Nair’s connections with VIPs including Ministers.

 Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 09:30:00 AM

Sarith-S.-Nair News KeralaTrivandrum: There is proof to show that the Solar scam accused Saritha S Nair had telephonic contacts with many VIPs including ministers and two PAs of the chief minister. It’s also heard that she had even called on phone  the Govt: Chief Whip P C George several times.

She has contacts with three ministers and has met the Chief Minister directly, in Delhi. With this revelation the Govt: is facing a tough crisis.

In the meanwhile the Govt: have removed from office the chief minister’s PA Tenny Joppan and the Gun man Salim Raj on the allegation of being in continuous telephonic contact with Saritha. The allegations against them will be enquired into by the ADGP  Hemachandran.

Saritha had telephonic contacts with two other assistants of the chief minister. They are Jikku Jacob and Thomas Kuruvila. Jikku handles all the calls of the chief minister when he is on travel inside Kerala. Thomas does the same job when the chief minister is in Delhi. Details of the calls from Saritha to these two guys have now come out through the media. Thomas Kuruvila has admitted that Saritha has contacted him several times.

Saritha has phoned the chief whip P C George also several times. It was he who had warned the chief minister about Saritha’s misdeeds. Other VIPs Saritha has contacted are ministers M K Muneer, Aryadan Muhammad and K C Joseph.

But from the phones of these people calls have never gone to Saritha. She had contacts with the KPCC General Secretary N Subrammaniam too.

Aryadan Mohamed has admitted that Saritha has called him several times and met him in the office on a few occasions. This was to get her company included into ANERT’s schedule of suppliers. But he in turn told her that everything there is transparent and order goes to whoever quotes less. Many people come and meet him in connection with the solar energy matters. But he doesn’t remember the exact date Saritha met him, he said.

In the meanwhile the Judicial Majistrate Court at Perumbavoor rejected Saritha’s bail application.The bail application was moved by Advocate Shibu Varghese. The prosecution argued that Saritha’s husband Biju Radhakrishnan is absconding and she has contacts at the high level and using these contacts she may destroy the evidence.


Kodiyeri  says Chief Minister too is involved in the scam.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 01:05:00 PM

Tourism_Award Trivandrum: Kodiyeri Balakrishnan alleges that theChief Minister Ummen Chandy is involved in the Solar scam. Govt: Chief Vip P. C. George himself has said that he had informed the Chief Minister about the relations Joppan had with Saritha. Even after that the Chief Minister allowed Joppan to continue in the personal staff. This shows that the Chief Minister also was a part of this scam.

“If an officer working under the Chief Minister enquires this matter the truth will never come out. Only a judicial enquiry will bring the real truth out. Also this will reveal how far the roots of this scam have gone. Another close confidant of the chief minister in Delhi also has some connections with these frauds. So an enquiry by the A.D.G.P will not bring the entire truth out. Under these circumstances the chief minister must relinquish his post and face an enquiry” said Kodiyeri.


Saritha cheated by Ganesh, says P C George.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 09:30:00 AM

PC-George-News Kerala

Trivandrum: “Saritha was promised by Ganesh Kumar to marry. She is trying to help Ganesh in getting his minister ship back. She has called me also on phone. I too have called her back based on her missed call. This was a trick played by Ganesh to trap me” said P C George.

“I had warned Jope about Saritha S Nair. I knew she was a troublesome lady. So I decided not to co-operate with her. I had warned Jope repeatedly not to get into trouble with her.

When this case is investigated, the involvement of so many other known people also will come to light.

Saritha had even tried to influence the secretary of R.Balakrishna Pillai” added George.


Phone calls. The tainted Gun man and P.A. removed.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 12:49:00 PM

Ummanchadi-PA-NewsKerala 1

Trivandrum: The tainted Gun man Salim Rajan and the P.A. Joppan have been removed from the chief minister’s office on the accusation of their being in contact with Saritha.S.Nair of the solar scam. This was disclosed by the chief minister in the Assembly.

This topic was raised in the assembly by the opposition. The chief minister in turn replied that an enquiry will be conducted after removing the concerned Gun man and the PA. ADGP Hema Chandran has been entrusted with this task, said the chief minister. But the opposition was not satisfied with this explanation and made furor in the assembly hall. After this they staged a walkout.

Govt: chief whip P.C.George in a channel interview had said, he had informed the chief minister even before Saritha’s arrest about Joppan’s contact with her. Quoting this Kodiyeri Balakrishnan asked the Govt: to conduct a judicial enquiry about the entire affair. But the chief minister said, he was informed of this matter by P C George only after Saritha’s arrest.

The ADGP’s report says, Joppan and Salim were in continuous contact with Saritha during the one week before her arrest. It is suspected that it is the Gun man Salim who had called Saritha from the chief minister’s residential phone.

Saritha had spoken to the P.A. Joppan on phone several times. He in turn had phoned her back from the chief minister’s residential phone too.

Intelligence ADGP Senkumar has given a report to the chief minister regarding the phone calls from his residential phone.


Solar scam : ADGP to enquire.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 06:59:00 AM


Trivandrum: ADGP Hemachandran is told to enquire the matter related to the phone calls between the solar scam accused Saritha S Nair and the personal staff of the chief minister. The actual scam will be enquired into by a Special Investigation Team, said the chief minister Ummen Chandi.

It is alleged that Saritha received several phone calls from the chief minister’s office. Saritha who hails from Chengannur is the 2nd accused in the  scam regarding the supply of solar power plants and wind mills. The opposition staged a walkout from the assembly in protest against the Govt:’s refusal to stop the assembly and discuss the matter regarding the phone calls from the chief minister’s office.

MLA Raju Abraham raised a motion in the assembly alleging that the chief minister’s office has turned into a protective centre for criminals. Over 70 calls have gone from the chief minister’s office to Saritha, said Raju Abraham.

In the meanwhile Saritha has been remanded for 14 days by the Peumbavoor court.