Social Activities

Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Society

St. Paul’s Mission Center

The Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Society was started in 1989 with the objectives of evangelization of India.. It strives to convey the Gospel message through mission activities, mission seminars, caps, mission training classes, publications, centres for worship, relief activities in times of natural calamities and through secular service.
The Mission society consists of representatives from Diocesan Missions of the Church Mission Bodies, Spiritual organizations, Ashrams, Convents and Movements.

Office bearers:
His Holiness The Catholicose (President),
Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, Philipose Mar Eusebios ,Dr. Stephanos Mar Thevodosios,Geevarghese Mar Coorilose (Vice Presidents)
Very Rev Dr.Nathaniel Ramban (Secretary)

Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board

The Mission Society was started in 1979 in order to give an organized and invigorating leadership to Missionary Activities of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The fundamental objective of the Malankara Orthodox Mission Board is to share with the poor and evangelize India before A. D 2000. The Mission Board consists of one- third of the memebers of the Mission Society. The National Forum for Mission Studies, ‘NAMS’ (National Association for Mission Studies) was founded in 1984 by Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathious. The monthly investment for Mission Evangelization Scheme was started in 1996 under the Mission Board to pay allowances to missionaries who work in the mission field.

Office bearers:
His Holiness The Catholicose (President), H.G Dr Geevarghese Mar Osthatheos (Co-President), H.G Philipose Mar Eusebios (Co-President),
Very Rev Dr.Nathaniel Ramban (Secretary),

House Building Scheme

House Building Scheme,
Catholicate office, Devalokam,
Kottayam – 686 038

In June 1990 the Church Managing Committee decided to introduce the “House Building Scheme” with the objectives of “Home for all in the Orthodox Church”. Until 1997 about 1120 houses were built at an estimated cost of Rs. 4.7 million. The scheme was financed mostly by Individual Contributions from the Church members.

The list of houses donated through the Scheme is given below:

Thiruvananthapuram (86)
Kollam (133)
Thumpamon (159)
Chengannur (140)
Niranam (136)
Kottayam (101)
Kottayam central (26)
Idukki (75)
Kandanad (72)
Angamali (2 4)
Kochi (94)
Kunnamkulam (8)
Malabar (57)
Sultan Bathery (152)
Madras (1)

Office bearers:

His Holiness Catholicose (Patron), H.G Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios (President),

Other members of the Committee are:

1 . Dr. Alexander Karakkal (Association Secretary)
2. Sri. P C Abraham (Lay Trustee)
3. Rev. Fr. O. Thomas (Priest Trustee)
4. V Rev. Jacob Mannaraprayil Cor-episcopa
5. Rev.Fr. Thomas Johnson
6. Rev.Fr. K.P Issac
7. Rev.Fr. Jacob Zachariah
8. Rev.Fr. T.J. Alexander
9. Sri. Jiji Thomson ULS
10. Sri. Cherian P Koshy
11. Sri. PM. Paily Pillai
12. Sri. Mathai Mampallil
13. Prof S Ninan
14. Prof. K.C. George
15. Prof Jacob Kurian Onattu
16. Sri. Mathew Veerappallil
17. Sri. VG. Koshy
18. Sri. A.X Thomas (Convener)

Scheme for Community Marriage

His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicose gave formal recognition to the Scheme for Community M arriages in 1992 and a Central Committee was formed in this regard.

The Central Committee consisted of His Holiness Catholicose as the Patron and Metropolitans Thomas Mar Timotheos, Philipose Mar Theophilos, Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, Thomas Mar Makarios as assistants to the patron. Fr. Mathai Nooranal , Fr.Joseph Vendasapala. Fr. T. J. Joshua, Fr. T.C. John, K.M. Mathew, P.C. Abraham, M.T. Paul, A.K.Thomas, Jagan Philipose, P.C.Alias, Jacob Thomas Arikkupuram as members and Thomas Mathew as Convener. Besides these, the Secretary of every diocese is also a member of the Central Committee.

First Phase: (1992- March 1997)
The inauguration of the first phase of the Marriage Scheme took place on 4 January 1993 at Parumala Seminary. On that day, 33 marriages were solemnized and Rs. 15000 was handed over as financial aid for each married couples. Untill 31 March 1997, Rs. 3.9 million was given away as financial aid to the couples of 264 marriages.

Second Phase: ( April 1997-1998)
The second phase of the inauguration was presided over by His Holiness Mahews II Caholicose on 17 October 1998 at Thalachira Orthodox Church,of Thumpamon Diocese. As part of the Second Phase during 1997-98 periods, Rs.7 lakhs were distributed for 49 marriages.

Thus a total of Rs. 4.6 million was distributed for 313 marriages and for the Church it is a great achievement in the field of social welfare. The fund raised for this purpose was collected from individuals and institutions. A major share of this fund came from Parumala Seminary. Like the house-building scheme of the Church, the marriages scheme is also a recurring continual scheme benefiting hundreds of people all over India

ARDRA Charitable Society


Catholicate Office , Devalokam P O
Kottayam, Kerala, India-686038
Tel : ++91-481-578060,578234,578499

The Society was formed in August 2001, Ardra is under the direct patronage of H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan. It is a non-profit charitable organisation operating throughout India.

Compassion in action – that is what Ardra stands for. Etymologically derived from the Sanskrit word Ardra – Ardram in Malayalam – the name means compassion, fellow-feeling or sorrow for the sufferings of another. Ardra strives to help the poor and needy by providing primary necessities, education, medical care, job-training, marriage assistance, employment etc.

Sleebadasa Community (Servants of the Cross)

Carmel Dayara

In1924 Deacon M. P. Pathrose (Pathrose Mar Osthasthios) started the Sleebadasa Community with an aim to work for the upliftment of the Dalit X’tians on the Social, Cultural and Spiritual fronts. Due to the efforts of Pathrose Mar Osthatheos, 25000 people were absorbed into the Church through this Community. This community gives leadership to missionary works in the Northern Dioceses.

Previous Office Bearers:

Pathrose Mar Osthasthios (1924-68), Oughen Mar Timotheos (1968-70), Mathews Mar Athanasios (1970-78), Gee- varghese Mar Osthasthios (1979-88), Philipose Mar Eusebios (1989-91), Zacharias Mar Anthonios (1992-97)
Dr. Mathews Mar Sevarios (1997- )

Current Office Bearers:

President: H.G.Zachariah Mar Anthonios (Bishop, Kochi Diocese).
Secretary: V. Rev. Semaoun Ramban