Sivsena’s Protest Against Mohan Lal

Trivandrum: Amidst the news that Mohan Lal may relinquish his
position as brand ambassador of Malabar Gold due to the acquisition
on Malabar Gold, that they bought Gold from the Gold smugglers,
Sivsena is planning to organize a protest march against Mohan Lal.
Their demands are, Mohan Lal should give up the brand ambassador
position, connections of Malabar Gold with the smugglers should be
investigated, all the officials related to Malabar Gold should be
brought under the purview of investigation etc.. They also demanded
that there are large sharks in the gold smuggling case but the
investigation do not reach upto them. Investigation also should extend
to find whether Mohan Lal is involved or not. There should not be
involvement of any higher officials or political parties in the

Moahn Lal is also an honorary military officer in the position of a
Colonel and it is not a suitable position to hold the barnd ambassador
position of a firm tarnished with unholy connections, and that is why
this protest, said the State secretary of Sivsena, MS Bhuvana