Siege Can Not Be Considered As A Failure: Sukumaran Nair

Changanacherry:The LDF led Siege can not be evaluated as a failure says NSS General Secretary G.Sukumaran Nair.Through the Siege LDF did express their strong protest.And at a stage they might have felt it going out of control and so better to withdraw;says Sukumaran Nair.
In Solar Issue the government really lost its image and in this circumstance NSS do not have any particular opinion or stand.This is his personal opinion only he said.When invited his attention on the the allegation that,it is NSS behind Sreedharan Nair who complained on Solar issue,Sukumaran Nair said as a member of the society he knows Sreedharan Nair and other than that he has no personal bonding with him and he knows nothing about the controversies.