Sibi Malayil gave Mohanlal 2 out of 100 for his acting

Actor Mohanlal won first two national awards for the film directed by Sibi Malayil. But do you want to know how many marks the director has given mohanlal the new actor. He had given him 2 out of 100 . It happened during the audition time of film Manjil Virinja Pookkal. when Mohanlal appeared for his audition for Manjil Virinja Pookkal. An audition was conducted by Navodaya for selecting the newcomers for the film Manjil Virinja Pookal and it was judged by the three persons. It was judged by Fazil, Jijo the film producer and Sibi Malayil the associate director of the film. Sibi had given only two mark out of hundred for the candidate who gave audition for the role of villain in the film. But in-spite of his low score , he got selected for the villain role. That new comer is ours super star Mohanlal. Sibi Malayil himself revealed this during an interview given recently.