Shyamala and Vijayan To Come back After 26 years in Nagaravaridhini Naduvil

The film ‘Chintavishtayaya Shyamala’ which got released in 1998 is one of the best comedy ever in Malayalam cinema. If you take all the comedy films which got relased so far and check, this film will definetly take a position on top ten. Sreenivasan and Sangeetha who made the characters Shayamala and Vijayan eternal is again teaming up after twenty six years. The film is titled as ‘Nagaravaridhini Naduvil Njan’. The shoot of the film would start by this month 22nd. Shibu Balan would be directing the film. The screen play and the dialogues of the film is written by Sreenivasan himself. Shibu who has worked as Assosiate of Satyan Anthikadu, later concentrated in Television Serials. This film ‘Nagaravaridhini Naduvil Njan’ would be Shibu’s debut directorial venture in Malayalam film. The actress Sangeetha who played the character Sangeetha beautifully and who had acted in many Malayalam films was away from the silver screen after her marriage. Her come back film would be with Sreenivasan again. The theme of the film would be the pollution problems what we face in cities today. The story of the film would be told in Sreenivasan style with a touch of political and social issues. The film would be produced by E For Entertainment. The Camera will be rolled by Pappu, The main location of the film would be Trissur.