Shuffle in ministry: Conspiracy to make League responsible for the failure : Muslim League


Malappuram: There is willful attempt to put the responsibility on Muslim League for  blockade in discussions over reshuffle in ministry says Muslim League” League was never stubborn on anything  and there is no justification in saying League as responsible  says Muslim League National Secretary E.T Muhammed Basheer. In the situation that league was not even invited for a discussion at Delhi, this kind of allegations are disappointing pointed out the emergency meeting of League leaders  held at Panakkad. The official opinion of the league will be declared in the Secretariat meeting being held on 9th at Calicut.

It is not factual that League asked for Cabinet status at centre and a third Loksabha seat in return for the deputy chief ministership for Chennithala explained League. League has no interest in interfering in the internal matters of Congress said the leaders.