Shriya Sharan Out From Prakasam Paraththunna Penkutty

South Indian actress Shriya Sharan will not act in Prakasam
Paraththunna Penkutty, directed by KR Unni, who once worked with
Madhupal and Lenin Rajendran.There were two heroines initially decided. One Shriya Sharan and the other Andrea Jeremy. But, when
Shriya realized that the character of Andrea is more important in the film, she backed up from the project.

Lal, Mukesh,Prakash Bare and Sumin Nair are the other main actors. Andrea will act as the daughter-in-law of a Reddiar family of Lal. Andrea will be in proper classical attire. Sumin will act as her husband.

The director has started to look for a replacement for Shriya. Screen play is by Jaya Mohan. Shooting locations are Thenkassi, Bangalore, Hampi, Kollam and ambalappuzha.