Shradha Kapoor Asks What is the big deal in Kissing scene

Bollywood Actress Shradha Kapoor says that Kissing on Screen is not a big deal anymore. She asks why people are creating lot of problem for this. The on-screen kiss between actors Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor is already creating hues and cries. She also said that there is nothing very controversial in a kissing at the present time and age.
If the script is demanding a kissing scene, she does not have any problem in doing the scene as she has to believe in directors vision. She said that despite being very conservative at heart she is open to do a kissing scene on screen if the script demands. Explaining her stand on the kissing scene she said that she will not a kiss scene to titillate the audience. If the story and the script demands then only she considers doing the scene. It will become problematic only when the scene is using for marketing the film says shradha