Shekhar Suman To Produce Film To Save His Son

There are parents who try hard to secure the future of their children in the film industry. It is not an unusual thing in the Indian film industry that they make them act in the lead role and they themselves produce the film. Shekar Suman is a famous actor and almost everyone knows him. Now he put all his life’s saving to relaunch his son Adhyayans career with the film. He has put every penny that he ever made in his career into Adhyayans come back. He had paid Rs 5 crore for the remake rights of the 2007 medical thriller ‘Awake’ . We even heard that he has mortgaged his residence to meet the expense of his upcoming directorial venture ‘Heartless’. Sekhar Suman himself said that ‘Heartless’ is a do or die project for him and Adhyayan. It is not just an acid test for his son, but also a new beginning for him. He makes his debut as a director through this film. Both son and Father have to prove themselves with this project. Now, hope the audience does not become Heartless towards this father and son.