Sharukh Khan Ready To Do Villain Role

It is believed in the cinema field that once an actor does a villain role, he will remain villain through out. Comedy role makes him a comedian and same way hero role makes that person always a hero. Although this situation has changed, only few heroes choose to do villain roles. But, in Bollywood, Amir Khan in his latest film dons a villain role. By watching his amazing performance in the movie, now King Khan Sharukh also desires to do a villain role. He said this while he was commenting on the performance of Amir Khan in Dhoom Thri. “ Amir Khan is one of the best actors that the country has so far witnessed. His acting in Dhoom Thri is amazingly great. His way of doing all that is required to bring the fullness of the character is a model for other actors. Even , I want to do such a villain role. If any one offers me a villain role, I shall happily accept it. Important matter is not the cinema running in a 100 crore club or 200 crore club, but to do the best character.” Said Sharukh. Please do not think that Sharukh has not done a villain role yet. Like our Mohan Lal, Sharukh was also a villain in the beginning of his career. His villain roles in Bazigar and Anjam were noticed.