Shamily is coming as Kunchacko Boban’s heroine

Shamily who has entered films as child artist is all set to come back to films. she is making her comeback in Rishi Sivakumar directed film as kunchacko bobans heroine.the film is titled as ‘Valleem thetti pulleem thetti’ and it is produced by Faisal Lathif under the banner of Achappy movie Magic. The new comer Rishi sivakumar himself is writing the screenplay for the film
The film tells the story of a village and the change happened from the time period 1960 to 1990 and would be mixed with comedy and romance.
It humorously presents the C class theater, ten days festival and the friendship one group of youngsters with music backdrops. While Kunchacko Boban plays the role of theatre operator, Shamily will play the role of his lover in the film.