Shafi And Hemmanth

Satya Nag Pictures saphi important role in the film "Paradise" Telugu Actor in a good position in the mind of the typical audience sampayincina saphi Pictures banner Satya Nag important role in the upcoming film producer, b. Satyanarayana and produced by Chitra sets very soon proceed to the roundabout. Hemant hero through this film, gururit Singh Kaur was introduced to heroin. Ravichandran, who worked as a director at the leading directors in Tamil Telugu to have to decide on the title of the movie Paradise. The tag line was finalized haribul Love Story. In this context, the producer said, 'Satya Nag Pictures banner saphi the main lead in the movie directed by director R. .. Paradise said the director of this film is the story of a new concept for most of us loved this film was made with the new version. Nirmistunnamu this movie in Hyderabad mafia backdrop. Hemant're introducing the hero, making it the most popular model introduced as hiroyin the gururit Singh Kaur. Dhanraj kuripincina recently with Zabardast giggles, let's playing a key role. This goes onto the sets very soon, "he said. Camera: Yogi, Music: Satish Pitti, Project Designer: Suresh, Producer: bisatyanarayana, story-by-story-words: Ravi Chandran