Sethurama Iyer is coming again

The film series of CBI which changed the history of Malayalam film is all set to come again. It went on to become one of the most popular crime thriller series which ever made in the history of Malayalam film. The fifth part of Mammooty starrer CBI is all set to hit the theaters. The highlight of the film is that Mammootty himself will play the legendary character Sethurama Iyer in the film. script writer S.N Swamy says that the shoot of the film will get started by the end of April. But he did not reveal any other information of the film. He also told that viewers will not be able to predict the climax of the film . He also added that the film will not be a conventional crime thriller and will have completely different story line which will be a big surprise for the audience. The film will have an entirely different climax scene and it will not have any questioning scenes likes the previous one.