Sathyan, originally Sathyaneshan Nadar, was an evergreen hero of the malayalam movie industry who had won 2 state awards for his acting. He was born on November 9, 1911, and died on June 15, 1971.

Early Life
Satyan was born on November 9, 1911 in a village called aaryamada in central travancore as the son of Manual and Lilly amma. After passing the vidhwan examination, he joined as a teacher at St.Joseph’s school. Later he got appointed at the secretariat and worked there for about an year. Then in 1941, he joined the army. he took part in the world war as part of the British army,after the war came back and joined as a police officer. He was known as the Nadar inspector there.

Entry into Movie
While working as a policeman he had also played in various dramas and eventually reached the glorious world of cinema. While acting in dramas he tried his luck at various film makers with the recommendations from Sebastian Kunju Bhaagavathar. He then went and saw K.balakrishnan and he was selected for the movie Thyaagaseema. He left his job and concentrated more in cinema, but unfortunately his movie didn’t get released.

In 1952, his next movie Aathmasakhi was released. This was a hit, but the movie that marked a break in Sathyan’s career was the movie Neelakuyil. Uroob was the scriptwriter of the movie that was released in 1954 and that had the fame of being the first movie written in malayalam. This was a movie that attained many awards and made Sathyan and Ms.Kumari who starred along with Sathyan very famous.

Sathyan then acted with many directors. K.S.Sethumadhavan, Vincent, Ramu Kaaryattu are a few to name. Many movies directed by K.S.Sethmadhavan and acted by Sathyan became famous in that time. His characters Pappu in the movie Odayil ninnu, jayarajan of Daaham and Prof.Sreeni of Yakshi are memorable characters. The character played by him inthe movie Chemeen is the all time remembered one in his career. He acted in about 150 malayalam movies and 2 tamil movies. In 1969, he was awarded the State award for the best actor and in 1971, he was again awarded state awrd for his performance in the movie karakaanakadal.