Sasikumar in Kuttipuli

Actor Sasikumar of Tamil filmdom has a very large number of fans in the entire A, B, C centers. Usually very few low budget movies run well in A centers. No need to talk about B and C centers. But Sasikumar’s movies are an exception to this rule. They run well in all the three centers alike and earn large collections. This persuaded Sun Pictures to buy the rights and release it through Red Giant Movies in a very large number of theatres in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. Because of Sasikumar’s reputation, B and C centers bought it at a high premium. But the trailer of the movie didn’t impress every one. The trailer depicted Sasikumar as an action hero where as the audience expected to see him as a simpleton. We can’t say for sure if it would impress the ordinary cine goers. The story revolves around the relationship between the hero and his mom. The spendthrift hero turns a simple man after falling in love the heroine Lkshmi Menon. The movie has lot of touching scenes and comedy in between. Sasikumar and Lakshmi Menon have acted together before in ‘Sundara Pandian’. Most of the heroines like to act with him because of his polite and friendly behavior. Sasikumar took a lot of pains to learn ‘Silambam’ a sort of martial art just for the perfection of the movie. The dialogues were very impressive and well modulated. Lakshmi Menon has proved her acting prowess in her old movie ‘Kumki’. Somehow she didn’t shine well in this movie. May be the role she got in this movie was not that important. Saranya Ponvannan is a very popular mother in most of the Tamil movies just like Kaviyoor Ponnamma of Malayalam. In this movie also she performed well and even excelled Sasikumar at times. Murugadoss gave good support to Sasikumar as his friend. He is capable of handling both comedy and emotional scenes equally well. Bala as a comedian has presented a good performance. Ghibran’s songs were just average. There were no hit songs to mention. Mahesh Muthuswamy’s cinematography was excellent. His depiction of rural village roads was very realistic and natural. Because the story lacked substance Editor Gopi Krishna couldn’t do much to enhance the overall quality of the movie. The debutant Director Muthaiah has done fairly well. His screenplay was not that impressive and many scenes didn’t show smooth continuity. As a whole, it’s an average movie with some emotional and comedy scenes here and there.