Sardaar Gabbar Singh Diaries-2

Remember Pawan Kalyan's most popular one-liner - 'Nenu Trend Follow Avanu...Trend Set Chestha' (I don't follow a trend, I set the trend) When Power Star Pawan Kalyan mouthed this dialogue in his trademark style in Gabbar Singh, fans went berserk seeing their favorite matinee idol onscreen. Proving that he's not just a man of words, but a man of actions, Pawan Kalyan set new precedent with Sardaar GabbarSingh which has an animated storyboard. The advantage of this animated storyboard is that the whole duration of the scene would be known in advance even before it's shot. This brings clarity to the makers on what would be the total length of the scene onscreen and how the scene is going to look like. Naturally, this comes in handy for the director, cinematographer, creative team to plan well without any duplication of work and thus helping production house in a big way so that a lot of time and money is saved.