Sarath Chandra Marathe is no more

Sarath Chandra Marathe
Sarath Chandra Marathe
Kozhikkode: The famous Hindustani musician Sarath Chandra Marathe ( 84) passed away .He was ill and was under medical care for the last two weeks and passed away on Wednesday night.
His life was dedicated to music. Though he did music in films too, he could int make any fortune out of that. In his last days he and his wife Maneesh were struggling for a livelihood. He was depend on the help extended by his disciples and friends. Also had Rs.500/- as pension from state government and Rs. 3000/- as given by Singer Chitra in her daughter’s memory.
Son of Janaki and Raghunath Marathe who was a Harikadha artist from Sidheshwar in Maharashtra.Sarath Chnadra Marathe came to Peringot Poomully Mana to teach music. That was the golden time of Kozhikkode with the presence of maestros like M.S Baburaj and all.Sarath Chandra Marathe was the first one to sing in Hidustani in All India Radio, Kozhikkode. Film director late G.Aravindan, A.T Oommer, Artist Namboothiri, Anil Das, Njeralath Hari Govindan were his students.
Avivahitharude Swargam, Mayooravarnangal, Chanchattom are the movies in which he did music. The background music for the film “Uppu” did impress many. He did perform within and outside the state many times. Also did music for certain dramas.