Santosh Pandit remarrying??

On August 15th along with the release of Surya’s much awaited Anjaan, Santosh Pandit’s Kaalidas Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu too released. But then like the old movies this movie did not fetch much. But since Santosh has the ability to speak well and convince others there arises no word called failure. That is not the main issue here. Santosh Pandit is getting married. For the last 2 days there were news in the social medias that Santosh is getting married again. The name of a common girl is being heard as his would be. Santosh pandit had rejected the news. He also said that those who give the news have to a bit more matured. He also commented that the girl with whom his name is tagged should be atleast someone from the bollywood and not less than that.