Santosh Pandit is waiting for a re-entry into the show

Santosh Pandit

Hyderabad: The ousted participant of Malayali House, Santosh Pandit remains stay put at Hyderabad itself refusing to return to Kerala. He is waiting for a re-entry into the show. Santosh revealed this to the private news channel ‘Reporter on live’.

He was the most favourite participant of the show and his ouster was based on certain wrong assessments, he said. This is what he has known from the SMSs he received. And the SMSs are a reflection of his popularity among the viewers.

Anyway, he is not sad about his ouster, as he is quite busy with his new movie ‘Minimolude Achan’. He is on the final touches of this movie. Once this is over he is ready to start his next movie ‘Kalidasan Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu’. It was from the midst on these chores that he came to Kerala House. So leaving it is not that worrisome for him.

Ashitha, Bindu, Bala and Harisankar were the other people who were eliminated from the show along with Santosh Pandit. It was only after his actual ouster that he knew, he was liked by many of the general viewers. Some participants of the show didn’t even have sufficient morals or ethics, he felt. He expressed his inability to teach these guys ethics and morals.

Santosh Pandit has a bad reputation of having misbehaved in many of his previous TV interviews. But in Malayali House he was very well-behaved and that made him a favourite of the viewers. When many of the old respected participants lost their respect with this show Santosh regained his lost respect. That way he is thankful to this show.