Santhanam To Put An End To The Double Meaning Words.

The Three comedians of Tamil Film Vadivelu, Koundamani, and Vivek had kept on low profile for quite sometime and this has given a chance to Sandanam to become active and got pretty good offers in the films on the absence of the above three. Recently he also received some good hits and this has made his to go forward in his career.

But in Tamil Santhanam has more critics. In recent times he has been received with ire by a few sections of the society for obscenity . He has been criticized by women’s organizations and a part of viewers for his sexiest dialogues in the films. The actor was criticized by women’s organizations for his sexist dialogues in the movie Endrendrum Punnagai. The widespread protests prompted the film-makers to delete the dialogue from the movie. Apparently, the actor had made light of the protests, further infuriating many.

In most of his films santanam tends to add dialogue which has double meanings and recently so many people has objection for this. With this the comedy star has landed himself in trouble after a series of incidents went horribly wrong. Sources say if the actor does not mend his ways, he could become a pariah in Tamil cinema.

In this situation the old actors like Vadivelu , Koundamani is coming back to kollywood . Based on the situations if they land in the film industry then Santhanam has to go out. There is no doubt on that.

Foreseeing this he has decided that he will not use the double meaning words and vulgar comments in the dialogues . We will wait and see whether he will follow this promise