Santhanam Promises his Mother

The comedian Santhanam has faced major criticism on using foul languages and for excessive use of double meaning dialogues in film. The long absence of Kollywood’s veteran comedians like Vadivelu , goundamani and Vivek helped Santhanam to cement his place in the industry. But due to his excessive use vulgar and often embracing double – meaning dialogues he has to face criticism from every part and also have evoked the wrath of woman in particular. Now the actor is taking the criticism very seriously and has promised to his mother that he will never use double meaning dialogues in his films hereafter. With the Kanna Laddu thinna Aasaiya he also turned out to be producer. He now gears up to play the hero in the upcoming film titled Vallavanukku Pullu Ayudham. Hope he will keep up his promise given to his mother.