Sania Mirza To Try a Hand in Films

Hyderabad : If you ask any body who is the glamour girl of Indian sports, any one will name sania Mirza without thinking. This Hyderabad girl has garnered much fame e ven if it is about the sports, or controversies . Fans still loves her even after she got married to the Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik. This fan support is making her to enter into the world of acting.Please do not misunderstand that she is going to do item dance like Jwala Gutta. The matter is little social work. She is all set to don a new role to boost morale of woman. . The film would deal about the safety of women and the main idea is to create an awareness to the society on the cruelty of women molestation.

When contacted, Cyberabad commissioner CV Anand said that the production work of the film is going on and within few days the film will be completed and will be ready for launch,’. He also said that at this juncture , he cannot speak about the details of the film as the production work is going on. The film will deal about the problems faced especially by the women who is working in the IT Sector.

The film is made using jargon like ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’. The short film is likely to have graphics with a mix of drama. Deloitte employees are giving technical support to police in making of documentary. The .debut short film of Sania is made by the police in coordination with some IT companies, The film would spell out ‘Dos and Don’ts ‘ for women if someone misbehaves or takes them for a ride. A team of police and Deloitte employees are working on this audio video movie. It will also reveal the measures to be taken to have safe transport and the way to avoid getting into trouble. The film would be screened at theaters, IT companies and other media channels.