Maunamravi                             Colatevan newcomers who plays in motion                                                             "Cantiyar" Films provide emkees escankarpiracat Vowel Productions. inanantu producing the film "cantiyar" dubbed. This is the first film to debut as hero in the film, which is Jagan natikkirarivar the newcomer. Kayal newcomer debut as heroine. And the villain General, tiravi, cinkampuli, Sindh, Murugadoss star in the film. Cinematography - haripaskar Music - yattismakatev ... Did not he composed for the film. Songs - Snehan, a stunt - aksanpirakas Art - nityanan, dance - Buffy, Rekha Editing - Saravanan Production supervision - IR Product - escankarpiracat The story, screenplay, dialogues, colatevan who wrote and directed. The director Ramana, who has worked with Viji. Asked the director about the film .... If the hustle and bustle of cantiyar truly believe that all of us look bad. But no, he was a different sort of my cantiyar. It's a story about human morals! Head perup'm very disciplined to be recorded as the pressure at which point we have to learn. General debut as a villain. Shooting Tanjore district, was shot in the rural areas. The picture that has emerged as a mainstream director colatevan cantiyar.