Sandhya As Heroine Again

Kathal-Sandhya Kathal Sandhy ,though she was famous with heroine roles once, now is with out much roles in hands. Sandhya became famous through her role in 'Kathal'. The last role she was there, was in Ya...Ya with Santhanam. In "Choothattam" by Tharun Gopi who did Kalai , Thimiru etc in Tamil, it is Sandhya in heroine role .The film in which Ramana is the hero, the directtor also is doing a role. thimir productions is makingg the film. 'Paisa Paisa,For Sale, Paris Payyans: etc are the Malayalam movies in which Sandhya worked recently. With the entry of too many new faces as heroines in Tamil, old heroines are becoming a non priority.